Tropics Series

In January of 2016 I traveled to the Yucatan to visit friends living in Merida, Mexico. I became mesmerized by the rhythmic movement of the colors, light and textures of this tropical environment.  The “Tropics” series started with photographs of the jungle, dwellings, ancient ruins and the magical secret swimming holes, know as cenotés. I wanted to weave these elements together while reflecting on the pace of life that is unique to this enchanting part of the world. The photographs were composited and recomposed utilizing digital technology. Once the compositional elements were determined, they were used to precipitate and actuate the thinner linear marks and impressions that permeate the compositions. Their was a conscious attempt to imbue a sense of mystery, flowing motion, and reciprocal interactions between the fundamental compositional constituents, an attempt to glimpse the underlying threads that connect these seemingly disparate elements of life.