Music: Jing Wang     Animation: Harvey Goldman


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2016-17 “Lumen Prize“, Global Tour, Shanghai Museum of Modern Art, China,
Canary Wharf, London, Caerphilly Castle, Whales
23rd EVA Berlin Conference on Electronic Media and Art, Culture, History,
Museum of Decorative Arts, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute, 
Berlin, Germany
Winn Gallery, London, EVA Florence, Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts, Florence, Italy
NewYork Institute of Technology, NY

2016 “Punto Y Raya“, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. 

2016 “VIDEOMEDEJA“,  Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia

2016 “Great lakes International Film Festival”, Erie PA

2016 “Blue Sky International Animation Festival”, Wooster, Ohio, USA

2016  “Cinesonika”, 5th International Festival of Inovative Sound Design for film, Muncie, Indiana

2016 “ArtCroft Film and Video Festival”, Millersburg/Paris, Kentucky

2016 “ÍVAHM”International Videoart Festival” Madrid, Spain & Rivine, Ukraine

2016 “Seeing Sound 4” Bath, England

2016 “2016 Music Short Film And Video Contest”, Missoula, Montana

2016 “Experiments in Cinema”, Albuquerque, New Mexico

2015 “Firestone International Experimental Film Festival” Moscow, Russia

2015 “Twisted Oyster Experimental Film Festival”, Zhou B. Art Center, Chicago, Illinois

2015 “Bogotá Experimental Film Festival | CineAutopsia”, Bogotá ,Columbia

2015 “Soundscapes”, University of Greenwich Galleries Exhibition, London, England,
(in conjunction with SOUND/IMAGE conference)

2015, “Great Lakes International Shorts Festival” Erie,Pennsylvania

2015 “Fear No Film Festival”,The Utah Arts Festival 2015: 13th annual,  Salt lake City Utah

2015 “FAFF” (fine arts film festival) Venice Institute for Contemporary Art and Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles, California

2015 “Echofluxx 15”,  festival of new media, music and art, Prague, Czechoslovakia

2015 ” Art of Dialog”, Dedee Shattuck Gallery, Westport, Massachusetts

Reviews, etc.

Film International:
A Review by David Finkelstein.

May 2nd 2017
“In Jing Wang’s musical score for Passaddhi, the nine-minute visual music short she created with visual artist Harvey Goldman, we hear a wailing melody in the distance, heavy with reverb and echoes, almost like a gate swinging in the wind in a lonely, desolate place. Her music is not particularly concerned with melodic or rhythmic development, but is built from blocks of sound, like sonic sculpture. Surging clusters of sustained tones from brass and string instruments, electronically enhanced, surge forth and recede into the silence, creating a landscape of strange, iridescent sounds.
Goldman’s animation (created after the music), like the best examples of the visual music genre, is a direct response to the sound, and in fact his images help the viewer to hear the sound in much more precise detail. The background is a milky, murky field, rather like marble seen through milk. Forms like wisps of smoke appear and disappear, matching the tone clusters coming from the silence. Just like real smoke, sometimes these forms appear to have an almost mathematical structure, like an undulating spider’s web. When Wang’s music becomes much more jittery and rhythmically active, these forms begin to dance and dart around, as if we are looking at a colony of microscopic organisms.
The images are startlingly beautiful to look at. Goldman composes them with a sense of restraint, so that they compliment and enhance what we are hearing, without ever overwhelming the sounds. Goldman and Wang show us how eyes and ears, working in tandem, can synergistically create a whole which is greater than the sum of the parts.”

The Utah Review,
June 22, 2015 By Les Roka
From Dartmouth, Massachusetts , Passaddhi, directed by Harvey Goldman, is a beautifully rendered piece of digital art representing the music of Jing Wang. Directed by Harvey Goldman and featuring the music of Jing Wang who is a virtuoso player of the erhu (a long-necked instrument with two strings that is bowed like a cello), this exquisite experimental short is a mesmerizing depiction of music and all of its characteristics in an abstraction of how one’s inner sense of tranquility is resilient enough to resist the chaotic, turbulent natures of our routine life challenges.

The Vilcek Foundation:
article on Jing Wang and the creation of Passaddhi music: