Music: Jing Wang     Animation: Harvey Goldman


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2015 “MuVi4″: International exhibition of video, moving image and visual music, MuVi4  (acronym for Musica Visava :”Visual Music”-Fourth edition), is an event of the Fifth International conference; Synaesthesia: Science and Art, May 2015, Teatro Martinez Montañèz, Alcalà la Real, Jaèn, Spain, organized by Fundaciòn Internatacional Artecittà, Granada, Spain

2015 “Enigma” selected for book publication, dvd and performance at MvVi4

2014 “Image & Resonance II” , Cycle of Electroacoustic Visual Music 2014, The Foundation Destellos,  Mar del Plata Argentina

2013 Simultan International festival for video, media arts and experimental electronic music, Timisoara, Romania

2013 Byte Gallery, Studio 300, International Digital Art and Music Festival, Transylvania University, Lexington, KY


Film International:
A Review by David Finkelstein
May 2nd 2017
“In the case of Enigma, a four-minute collaboration between Wang and Goldman, the visuals were composed first, and the music was made in response. Goldman wrote that this abstract film was inspired by the Enigma Machine, the German encryption device used during WWII. The images do seem to show a patterned, coded world, but the patterns, cell-like shapes swimming fluidly, seem more biological. Long strips and ovals open and close, revealing and hiding these patterns from a black background. The restrained color palette of the film is mostly black and white, with occasional accents of blue and turquoise.
The relationship between image and music is much looser in this film, and there are rarely sonic events which are precisely keyed to visual events. Wang’s electronic score does have a similar feeling of patterned sounds, irregularly and surprisingly surging out of the background of silence. Melting bell sounds crash over sounds which could be a wooden house collapsing. Blips and bleeps seem to be broadcasting hidden messages out of the ether.
The looser collaboration in Enigma, where music and image share a tone, a texture, and a feeling – rather than a note-by-note correspondence – offer the viewer a more enigmatic experience, a glimpse into a tantalizing space where information continually appears and breaks up again, teasing the eye, the ear, and the mind.”

“iotaCenter” for experimental animation
Paul Shephard

September 27 2014
“A new film has been added to the iotaCenter library. 
A complex mix of abstractions that pulsate with life
in a dark tunnel.  Images on the screen appear as if 
they are the first shafts of light an infants see after birth.
See for yourself.”