Music: Jing Wang     Animation: Harvey Goldman


white space


2013 Synchresis III (videomusic composition), XX International Electroacoustic Music Festival,Valencia, Spain

2013 Second International Exhibition: Media and Visual Art, Art Gallery of Izmir University, Izmir, Turkey

2013 Provincetown International Film Festival, Provincetown, MA

2013 International Computer Music Conference, Perth Australia.

2013 Athens Sling Shot, “a show case for innovative art and technology,” Athens, GA

2013 Magmat, International Video Art Festival, Rome, Italy

2013 Electroacoustic Music Festival, “screening of Brahmanda” NYC, N.Y.

2013 Magical Charm Film festival NYC , N.Y.

2012 Linoleum,International Festival of Contemporary Animation and Media Arts, National Gallery Solianke, Moscow, Russia

2012 Videosincracy festival, curated by Silvia Valente and Luca Basilico, Limiti inchiusi arte contemporanea
in collaborazione con Autumn Contamination Campo Basso, Itally

2012 ID/Identities, International ArtExpo, Koza Visual Culture and Arts, Istanbul, Turkey

2012 Great Lakes International Film Festival, Erie, Pennsylvania

2012 California International Animation Festival KAZV-Tv California